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Tameem Safi

"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking." - Henry Ford

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Welcome, my name is Tameem Safi. I’m a wordpress developer based in Colchester, UK. I also specialise in PHP and JavaScript.


Years of Experience

Working with Wordpress, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript.


Projects Completed

Created many different websites for some very amazing clients.


Satisfied Clients

Positive feedback is what keeps me motivated to do my job. Thank you.

Here are just some of the feedback from my freelance web design clients.

Working with Tameem has always been a pleasure. He is professional, and his expertise is only matched by his speed. I would highly recommend him for any web-development work. He has the ability to quickly pick apart and complete complex tasks and he has an eye for design.
Dirk Bester Chief Science Officer at Sciemus
Tameem has provided us with fast, efficient and accurate support and we are looking forward to the ongoing use of his services.
Peter Niland Operations Director at Sciemus
This guy was outstanding. He delivered it very quick and stuck through all the tiny little changes that we asked for. I would definitely recommend him and will rehire him in the future for sure.
Radu Gogoasa Product Owner of Limejump Ltd.
Tameem worked for us on various projects as an end-to-end developer. He is always on time, usually surprises us with an even earlier delivery. He is a true professional in front- and backend development. His skills HTML/CSS and Javascript skills are far superior to most programers I met. I recommend him to anyone who is seeking a professionell, fast, reliable front- or backend developer.
Benjamin Ritzka Marketing Specialist at Rapid Performance
Tameem has worked with OGAds for over a year now, producing high quality landing pages using his vast knowledge of full-stack development. Tameem has worked under high pressure situations where we have needed updates and work over the weekend and much more and is very able at managing his time in order to produce work on deadlines. There has never been a task that he hasnt been able to complete for our company, constantly delivering above expectations. Thanks to your hard work.
Ben James CEO at OGMobi/OGAds

I have had the opportunity to work on many amazing projects for my clients. Here is just a few samples, which I hope you will adore.

Clementswood Nursery

Clementswood Nursery

Developed a bespoke wordpress website for this nursery in London.

Marchmont Investment Management

Marchmont Investment Management

Developed a bespoke wordpress website for this company while working with Weir+Wong as a freelance wordpress developer.



A UK energy startup. I developed a bespoke responsive wordpress theme for their main website.



A social network startup based in San Francisco. Thier aim is to help people become better parents. I worked directly with them to create the responsive landing page for their mobile application.



A data and analytics company based in London. I worked directly with them to develop their responsive website. I have also provided them regular maintenance and support.



An independent property management and consultancy firm based in London. They operating mainly in North, East, South East and West London. I worked directly with their managing director to develop a bespoke responsive website for them.

Ourea Wordpress Theme

Ourea Wordpress Theme

A bespoke responsive wordpress theme I designed and developed for bloggers. You can download, modify or use it free of charge.


99 Designs

I have worked with 99designs on many projects. This mainly involved designing websites in PSD format from a given brief. I had to stay on top of latest web design trends and produce very high quality work.

If you’re interested in harnessing my wealth of knowledge and skills, here are just some the services which I offer to clients.

Market Research

This the basis of my creative business, the starting point of my journey with my clients. I will get to know you and your market so that your website targets the most relevant people and gets your message across as effectively as possible. This is part of my bespoke solution for all my clients, one that's designed to get them solid results.

Website Design

I study all the latest trends, typography and even colours designed to elicit emotions as well as individual layouts that please not only my clients but their visitors. This is a high-quality and dynamic service that's designed with your audience in mind – allowing your message to get clearly out right across the web. With this package, you'll get a professional homepage design along with one other page, and you'll be able to view mock-ups before deciding. Plus, you can benefit from up to two modifications of my designs.

Responsive Website Development

I will create an incredible website for you, one that's fully responsive to all devices, so your site will work perfectly well and retain all its functionality, no matter what size of device is accessing it. To create the site, I'll code a custom WordPress theme with the latest in web technology and install relevant plugins for SEO, backups, social media and to block spam. You can also have up to two forms on the page, such as contact, newsletter or questionnaire, and I can post your initial blog content, if required.

Training and Advice

I know that it's one thing to create a wonderful new site for my clients, but it’s something else for them to actually use it – uploading content, changing features and everything else. Not everyone is a web expert, after all, which is why I never leave my clients in the lurch once I've finalised a project.

So, as part of my personalised service, I include a one-hour phone or Skype call so you can ask me just about anything, and I'll provide all the advice and training you need. That means telling you about the best hosting solutions for your new site, how to keep it up to date and – especially critical – how to use the WordPress content management system to add new material to your site and attract more visitors to it. You'll also find out about adding new pages and your blog posts, and I'm here to answer any set-up or other questions you may have.


No matter what website package you purchase from me, as one of the leading creative businesses around, I provide unrivalled high-quality support. As someone who understands that many people are not tech savvy but need the expertise to run their websites, it makes no difference if your question is seemingly trivial or enormously complex – I give you the answers you need to keep you going online. I will also fix any bugs in your website to prevent any ongoing disruptions, and if you want to upgrade your site or move it, I have all the support you require to make the right decision. It all adds up to a real online lifeline.

Website Maintenance

You need to constantly adapt on the internet so you're not only looking good but your website is performing as best it can. You'll get the latest updates and versions of WordPress plugins and themes, and because the threat of cyber-attack is always present and growing, I will scan your site and make sure there are no bugs or malware on it that could be catastrophic.

You can also be sure that I'll check your site is being regularly backed up, and that everything is up to date, and I will upgrade your site's functionality so that visitors will have a seamless experience. Clients can benefit from my priority support, available within 24 hours, and there are no extra charges for any minor fixes or troubleshooting that may be required.

Please note that this feature is optional and an additional charge of £50 per month will be required.

Evolution. The birth of a brilliant website.


Don't worry, I'll get to know all about you. This is not some production-line freelance web design service where I churn them out as fast as possible to swiftly move on to the next client, and know little about each individual company. No, high quality is my absolute hallmark. I always take time to fully research a client's business and wider industry so I learn exactly how to create incredible designs that are a true fit for each one.

This level of deep research is essential in developing websites that are entirely relevant to the content and will expertly showcase the company to the public and its peers as a superior enterprise focused on quality and professionalism.


The path to creating cutting-edge website designs lies in thrashing out all sorts of ideas – some way out there, others conventional, and may more that may be totally off the wall. Creation is a messy business. It's an absolutely sure bet that most ideas will turn out to be unworkable; that's why making initial sketches about what you're thinking is essential to this process.

By discussing my ideas with my clients, I'm able to get a solid view of what they're after, and how to fashion my ideas towards it. Then, using this wireframing and sketching method, I'm able to work out the best options for the very best kind of website. Otherwise, I’m designing blind.


The next stage in the evolution of a great design is to use the development tools of my choice. They are the powerful software combination of Adobe Photoshop and Sketch 3. Using the initial wireframe as a guide, I set about creating the type of design that’s best suited to each individual client and their industry.

It’s crucial to be constantly in touch with my clients during this critical phase; that’s why I place a firm emphasis on communicating with each one regularly so I get the kind of feedback I need. Then I can alter and revise parts of my emerging design and they get the website design they need. Who said talk is cheap?


Clients can sometimes have a tendency to think freelance web designers are all geek and not much else. Not with me. Along with my professional attitude and highly developed web skills, I’m passionate about amazing customer service. Really. It makes me happy to think I’ve pleased my clients so entirely that they’re totally satisfied with what I’ve done for them.

So my No. 1 rule is: there is no moving on with a design concept before the client is overjoyed with it (“happy” will do, too). And it’s not just about the design. I work on all sorts of problems and issues so they’re resolved, and create incredibly efficient algorithms for any task.

My coding must be clean, readable and professional, and the site has to have near-impenetrable levels of security – essential in this risky age of increased cyber-attacks. (My speciality: I discovered an Apple security issue and have been acknowledged in the company's Hall of Fame.)


All website designs are not equal, and what looks great at the programming stage may well flop when it’s put into practice. Absolutely the worst thing any designer can do is hand a client a product that not only doesn’t work properly but is problematic and causes them way too much trouble.

That’s not the way forward, for me at least, and that’s why testing, testing, testing is the mantra always going through my head. Only this way can I identify issues and spot bugs and ensure the code runs as smooth as silk. I have no reservations about going right back to the programming stage and reworking parts of the site to iron any vulnerabilities right out. Don’t worry, because you don’t have to.


We’ve reached the thrilling climax to your awesome idea being born and spreading out right across the globe. But we’re going nowhere, and I’m certainly not going to hit that big red publish button, until you’ve got a big, satisfied smile plastered all over your face. That’s right: this baby is yours, and only you give the go-ahead. And after the big launch, I’ll still be here, right behind you, ready at a moment’s notice to support you along the way.

The evolving nature of the web means occasionally you’ll need to make changes and modifications, and I’m pleased to provide smashing freelance web design rates to do further work as required. I want you to be happy with what I do for you, and hope you’ll be proud of the result, one that will surely go a long way toward turning vast oceans of potential customers into ones that open their wallets and become loyal, paying customers.

If you want to look gorgeous on the web, and rapidly develop your business with the highest levels of design expertise and professional customer service, the time has arrived. So, what are you waiting for? Hire me as your freelance web designer.

For me, freelance web design isn't just a job - it's a passion. I take real pride in my work and always receive positive feedback. I'm not happy until the client is happy.

High Quality Freelance Website Development

I pride myself in taking the technical expertise I’ve picked up over the years and translating it into stunning, alluring web design that responds well to both yours and your client’s needs.

With many modern businesses and enterprises functioning without a physical, ‘high street’ presence, or even any conventional office space, a high quality website that ticks all the boxes in terms of user interface and user experience is something that you simply can’t do without.

Client Communication

It’s not just a case of you telling me what you need and me going away for an indeterminate period of time to go and perfect your website. I maintain a two-way dialogue throughout the length of the freelance website design project, to ensure the finished product is suitable for you.

Importance of Responsive Web Design

What device are you viewing this website on? Perhaps you’re scrolling through it on your smartphone. Maybe you’ve sat down to have a browse on your laptop. A lot of people will arrive here via their desktop computers or laptops. Whatever you’re using, this website can adapt to that device’s constraints and seamlessly adapt its content – this is an example of responsive web design. I provide this service as a default to all of my freelance web design clients.

With more people accessing the internet via portable devices, responsive web design has never been so important. Google has recently changed its algorithms in this area, meaning that if your site isn’t responsive, it’ll be punished in the rankings.


Freelance eCommerce Website Development

Ecommerce is big business, and literally thousands of sites are looking to latch on to the success of the likes of Amazon and make a pretty penny selling whatever wares they specialise in. It’s important that eCommerce sites are simple to navigate and easy to purchase from – it also needs to be clear what you’re selling, as customers can’t simply feel the material or take a sample of your products!

If you or a client are looking to create or update an ecommerce site, you need a developer with experience in multiple frameworks, knowledge of how to create compelling visuals and, of course, someone well-versed in the intensive demands of search engine optimisation.

Large-scale Web Application Development

Sometimes clients come to me with requests that are, to put it politely, a little different in nature. There’s nothing I like more than solving a problem, though, and this is what’s required when we talk about developing large-scale web applications.

I’ve worked on a number of large applications for freelance website design clients in the past, using the likes of PHP, Laravel 5 and MySQL

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the difference between a custom design and theme?

A custom design is one created by a professional graphic or web designer while a custom theme may be an existing one (at WordPress, for example) that can be modified to suit.

Do I need a theme or custom design?

It depends on your requirements but I specialise in custom wordpress theme development. Get in touch with me to discuss them.

How long will it take?

It typically takes between six and 12 weeks for a bespoke wordpress theme to be created. This includes both design and development.

Will my website be responsive?

Yes, as a freelance website designer I make sure that all of the websites I create for clients are mobile friendly and fully responsive.

How will setup and hosting work?

I can setup and provide hosting for your website, but I will charge extra for this service.

Do you provide maintenance?

Yes, I charge an extra £50 per month if you would like me to handle the maintenace of your website.